ELEMENT A joins forces with preventative educational initiatives to unfold their full potential.




What we want to achieve?

All children are equipped with the necessary skills for a successful school start.

Children start with very different experiences and skill sets into school. The difference of competency levels intensifies the further a child advances in school. At the end of primary school children from poor families lag behind their rich peers by three school years.

This is why ELEMENT A focuses on children before they attend school!

More on our impact model here:


How do we do it?

Highlighting impactful projects

We find projects in the area of early education and parent work with proven impact and we make them visible.

Connecting impactful projects

We place effective projects in political, business and civil society circles.

Scaling impactful projects

In partnership with local institutions we bring effective projects to where they are needed.

TOP projects in Early Education

In order to identify the most impactful projects in Early Education we organised events, carried out a crowd-sourcing campaign in German speaking countries and attended a diverse range of networking events and meetings. An overview of projects we came across can be found here:

Building ecosystems for impact transfer

A strong ecosystem is essential in order to implement and scale impactful projects. Those projects need to collaborate closely with local implementers, funding partners, public institutions and many more political, commercial and civil stakeholders. A simple stakeholder map of the Early Education sector you find here:

Developing comprehensive scaling solutions

In the framework of our 6-month accelerator programme we worked with ELTERN-AG, Kindergarten plus, Librileo Bücherboxen and SAFE®. Together with the accelerator participants and our experienced open innovation partner Mensch we developed sustainable scaling and transfer solutions fit for the Austrian market. The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) as well as the Hella-Langer-Stiftung financed the accelerator.




With a focus on preventative educational measures ELEMENT A wants to enable as many children as possible to start school with the necessary skills. Since September 2017 we are working in partnership with impactful preschool and parent programmes on lowering the competency gap between rich and poor children. This way we contribute towards the societal goal of equal opportunities and make sure that children can develop the skills to make use of such opportunities.


Marie Langer
Founder & Managing Director

Marie Langer has studied psychology with a focus on education and evaluation as well as business and organisation in Austria as well as South Africa. Ever since her studies she supported a variety of social initiatives (x-runner, the Connection, Kidcru Research Center) in the areas of fundraising and programme development. She also trained to become a coach at the isb-Wiesloch and from 2014 to 2016 she worked as a Teach For Austria Fellow at a Middleschool in Vienna. In addition she is alumna of the Ashoka Visionary Program and board member of the Hella-Langer-Stiftung.

Daria Dachs
Co-Founder & Managing Director (until April 2019)

Daria Dachs has studied nonprofit management and comparative and international education in Austria and England. She was part of the founding team of Teach For Austria as the assistant to the founder. From 2013 to 2015 she completed the Teach For Austria Fellowship programme where she taught in a middle school. Together with three colleagues she published the EINFACH mehr DEUTSCH learning material for pupils with no prior German knowledge. Moreover she was an active volunteer in a variety of organisations some of which are the UWC Network Austria, Bridges Across Borders Cambodia and the Center for Children to Happiness.

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